Life By The Sea

I am in love with the Ocean, lifting her thousands of white hats in the chop of the storm, or lying smooth and blue, the loveliest bed in the world. In the personal life, there is  always grief more than enough, a heart-load for each of us on the dusty road. I suppose there is a reason for this, so I will be patient, … More Life By The Sea

Why I Write

Whatever fills up your time, there you will find art.  Only in the West where we measure artistic success by the number of Twitter followers or likes we get do we believe that real art only happens when it’s celebrated by thousands. I say find art in everyday life and you’ll begin to speak miraculous … More Why I Write

Beautifully Bizarre

The sweetest thing in all my life  has been the longing to find the place where all the beauty came from.                            —C.S. Lewis “There it is! Good ol’ Thermopolis!” My dad’s shrill hillbilly yell jolted me from my pleasant backseat nap. I … More Beautifully Bizarre