What I Know (I Think)

  To identify as a Christian right now is difficult. I have done a lot of un-learning and re-learning about what it means to be a Christian since I’ve come to college, especially within this past year. So what does faith look like for me right now? (what does life look like, what does my humanity look … More What I Know (I Think)


‘out beyond ideas of right and wrong is a field’ will I meet you there?  About two weeks ago I saw the most incredible natural phenomenon. It’s called bioluminescence and it makes the ocean waves look neon blue at night because of a special type of algae and plankton. I went out one night after … More Bioluminescence

Hope for my hometown

A song for my city. The aching hearts. The pain, the fear, at a little school 3 minutes from my home. Kendrick Castillo, you were taken too soon. This is not fair. You should have graduated high school by now. Beautiful boy. The most beautiful boy. Brown eyes of promise. Jesus, please heal and save. … More Hope for my hometown

The rocks cry out

Hallelujah nevertheless, was the song the pain couldn’t destroy Hallelujah nevertheless, you’re my joy invincible joy  —Switchfoot Spring break road trip 2019!! A car full of best friends. Cheap motels in small towns, friendly strangers, spontaneous pull-the-car-over explorations, early morning too-much-creamer coffee, four-day-old sweatpants, crazy lightning rainstorms, Polaroid pictures, roadside diners, tears-streaming-down-cheeks laughter. Driving through the … More The rocks cry out

In Sorrow and In Joy

I am glad daylong for the gift of song,     For time and change and sorrow; For the sunset wings and the world-end things     Which hang on the edge of to-morrow. I am glad for my heart whose gates apart     Are the entrance-place of wonders, Where dreams come in from the rush and din     Like sheep … More In Sorrow and In Joy

Desert Mountain Days

The sense of deep time brings a deep peace with it, a detachment from the timescale, the urgencies of daily life… a profound sense of being at home, a sort of companionship with the earth. —Oliver Sacks I spent my summer working at Whispering Winds Catholic Camp in the desert mountains of Julian, California. Most … More Desert Mountain Days