Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am indeed obsessed with a word. Yes, WONDERMENT. I honestly feel like God took a locket, opened up my brain, and placed this word right into the center of it, because it’s all I ever want to say or randomly blurt out. This magical word was introduced into my vocabulary for the first time while interviewing a lovely woman/ballerina named Dawn. When I interviewed her for a newspaper article, she said this word and my whole being halted for a second. Is that an actual word? 
I was filled with wonder at the word wonderment. I know why. Wonderment tastes like a giant gulp of fresh air. It looks like all the constellations and particles of space rolled into a bouncy ball, and every time it bounces stars explode and sparkle before your eyes. Wonderment feels like an all-powerful, all-knowing God loving ME; my flaws and mistakes included. This year I want to be filled with wonderment in everyday life; in the things that grow among the cracks and crevices of my daily routine. They might look like weeds, but I can still find wonderment at their ability to grow and flourish in a place that is normally trampled and by-passed. 
Dear fighters, this word gives us every reason to smile up at the sky, shout at its vibrancy, and let our wonder overflow from our hearts and pour out of our mouths; expressing every ounce of everything we’ve ever felt that’s bottled up inside like a pop about to explode. And when the sky sees this, even it is filled with wonderment at our complexity; our ability to keep trudging along our broken paths and continue to lift our heads up and marvel. Discovering hidden droplets of wonder in our daily joys: like wonderment at seeing my breath when it’s cold outside, like I’m a dragon, making it seem like every breath I take has a purpose. Wonderment at surviving another class, the deliciousness of a PB&J, the glorious laugh of a hurting friend,  the brightness in someone’s eyes when they talk about what they love. Dear fighters, let’s be filled with wonderment in 2014. Begin our days by looking up at our friend the sky, whispering or screaming whatever we need to say, and letting the day’s wonder unfold in our palm like the most glorious treasure.

Did I say wonderment enough times in that post? Goodness. Maybe you can be filled with wonderment at my obnoxious use of the word wonderment because it’s just too wonderful. Thank you so much for reading. Have a wonderfully happy day 🙂

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